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Dive Into 2019

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We suffer from a lack of words describing the intensity, the depth of emotions and the pace of events that occurred during the fist days of this still rather maiden year. So we let the images and the sounds speak, and keep it with just a big bouquet of love to the extended MND TRCK family! ❤️
You can feel certain that there is a lot more to come over the course of the next months.

Live at Garten Freede

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Some time ago (actually less than three weeks, but it feels like a lot more) at Garten Freede… Let's continue our journey at Wiesenviertelfest 2018! In the meantime, check out this video shot on April 29 at the Rotunde Bochum.

Happy New Year 2018

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After having more or less appropriately slept out our New Year's hangover, we'd like to thank all of you for accompanying and supporting us throughout the past year's journey! We all hope and are really confident that the new one will be filled with the same amount of joy, creativity, inspiration, beauty and – last but not least – a lot of meaningful sound.
For starters, here is a small reminiscence of how we corked up 2017 one day before Christmas Eve. Shout out to Denis, Alex, Malick, Timo and Leon for spontaneously joining us for the session and raising expectations for 2018 even more.
With a lot of love!

Live at Zeitzeug_ Festival

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Big hugs to the people from Zeitzeug_ who made us feel really comfortable on stage!

Celebrating at the Ruhrtriennale

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We hope you're having a great Sunday, getting over the worsening weather by looking forward to spending muddy days (and nights) at concerts and sessions near you. The next opportunity to meet us in Bochum is on November 23 at the Opening Night: Zeitzeug_2017. Save the date!


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TRANSLUCENCE is out now! We'd like to thank all those lovely people who accompanied us throughout our journey. If you have time, join us at the Ruhrtriennale on September 23 and receive your very personal musical hug then.

You can download the EP on Bandcamp and, if you want, also order a limited Compact Disc. If you're among the streaming people, we've got great news: TRANSLUCENCE is also available on Spotify, Apple Music and the like.

At the Gallery

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MND TRCK at the gallery.

Happy New 2017!

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The year has started…


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Gestern haben wir mit der Goldkante Geburtstag gefeiert! Hier ein Handy-Leak unserer Show! Es war heiß! Wir hatten Spaß! Danke!

Blue Sunday Session | After Dark

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Last Sunday, we gathered some of our friends and fellow musicians for a Blue Sunday Session at our rehearsal space. Using a GoPro and a stereo microphone we amateurishly recorded a few moments. Here is the first of a few favorites. Featuring Rheza on vocals and Niko Keystar on keys.


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Danke an alle, die bei tropischen Temperaturen mit uns im Salon der Goldkante das Release von LSTN! gefeiert haben. Wir sind noch immer überwältigt von der Energie, die sich im Laufe des Abends in unserer Lieblingsbar entladen hat. Melissa, Gregor, Schlakks, Rheza – danke für eure Leidenschaft! Zé Bebelo – danke für die Auswahl an erlesenen Schallplatten als Treibstoff für eine fulminante Party! Und das Wichtigste: Danke an das beste Publikum der Welt!
Die EP gibt es ab sofort zum Download auf Bandcamp!


Sun—Sep 22, 2019


Bochum, Germany


Fri—Jan 31, 2020

Durchzug! 2020 № 1

Bochum, Germany


Wed—Jul 15, 2020

Rekorder 2020

Dortmund, Germany

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